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Dear FutureAdPro Users,

In this newsletter we would like to give you key information and share important insights regarding FutureAdPro.

As you know, the FutureAdPro advertising platform is a project that we launched in April 2016 and which until this day we have developed thanks to your activity to a level of: presence in 150 countries, 1 billion views, over 5 million daily ads views. In February 2019, a new version of the platform was launched, i.e. FutureAdPro II, which with its functionality and technical conditions reflects better the idea and business assumptions. Thanks to this, in a smaller scale than before, we observe abuses by unreliable users, and on the other hand, an even greater interest of global advertisers and media houses in various parts of the world.

On this occasion, we considered it important to guide and identify our community on the key aspects of FutureAdPro business:

1. FutureAdPro is an advertising platform
The basic and only business goal of the platform is to earn money through online advertising, and we remind you that this constantly growing market only in Europe is worth over USD 40 billion, while in the world over USD 1.3 billion a day. In this market, both the platform's owner participates by receiving advertising orders from external entities, as well as the FutureAdPro users themselves, thanks to the ability to place, display and watch advertisements.

2. New legal documents
An important violation of legal documents (i.e. in particular, the regulations) was in the past and there is still such activity of users, which consists in using the platform and promoting it in a way that is inconsistent with the business model, i.e. as an investment or business that brings profits to users.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the introduction of new legal documents is aimed at eliminating all manifestations of the non-compliance with the law and regulations of the behavior of FutureNet business partners and their elimination.

At this point, we cut ourselves off from unreliable users and leaders who mislead the FutureAdPro community by identifying our platform as a place to invest capital that brings profits in the form of interest or another return on investment. We would also like to point out that such behavior, including persuading others to use FutureAdPro as an investment, may be considered unlawful, including criminal law in the country of residence of the user.

3. Economic dependencies of the FutureAdPro platform results
We would like to draw attention to the basic mechanisms occurring in the world of online marketing. Namely, FutureAdpro is primarily a platform associating a large number of users who, in order to earn money, provide a service to watch advertisements for remuneration, and thus increase the audience and the number of visits to advertisers' websites and websites.

Your activity as users, but also the quality and quantity of advertisements you broadcast have a key impact on the value of the entire FutureAdpro platform, as well as the value of remuneration received by external advertisers, and thus the amount of remuneration paid to users.

That is why, the technical conditions of the platform and regulatory provisions have been modified in the past, i.e. in order to ensure the constantly increasing level and number of advertisements.

4. Changes in the FutureAdPro II platform
As a result of checking user accounts, we sometimes found significant irregularities. First of all, we permanently delete fictitious accounts, as well as users acting contrary to the regulations and applicable law, who promoted or promote our platform as a place to invest - thereby exposing themselves to legal liability and causing damage to the entire FutureAdPro platform.

In particular, this is happening to users with more than 400 AdPacks, because in such cases we observed that users do not place advertisements at all, which in turn is the essence of purchased advertising packages. For this reason, we have introduced a maximum limit of a maximum of 400 AdPacks.

However, users who in the past had a larger number of packages can of course take full advantage of them, i.e. they are still full-fledged advertising packages guaranteeing the right amount of advertising. Users with more than 400 AdPacks and those who paid less than the sum of AdPacks purchased from their own funds can pay the difference according to the following examples:


  1. You have 500 purchased AdPacks for $ 25,000, so far you have not made any withdrawals and you have not generated any vouchers. You can withdraw $ 5,000 at any time, and the value of the other 400 AdPacks is an advertising service that you can use fully.
  2. You have 500 purchased AdPacks for the amount of $ 25,000, so far you have paid out $ 2,000 or have generated vouchers accordingly. You can make a withdrawal of $ 3,000 at any time, while the value of the other 400 AdPacks is an advertising service that you can use fully.

5. Payment options
We inform you about the start of a detailed analysis of the activities of individual Users, and in particular those who contrary to legal documents treated or promoted the FutureAdPro Platform and AdPack packages as investments, not the Advertising Portal. The above behavior manifests itself mainly in the fact that such users, through gaps in the system, led to a situation allowing them to finally pay (as a result of redeeming FND vouchers) much more funds than the equivalent of the AdPack advertising service purchased. In connection with the above control, until the status and legality of the accounts and activities of these Users are clarified, they will be temporarily prevented from canceling the FND vouchers. In such cases, we draw attention to possible consequences resulting from the obligation to report such incidents by the owner of the FutureAdpro platform to the relevant authorities. The above problem - which should be explained - affects only fortunately some of the Users, so all the rest will be able to use all services in an undisturbed manner.

6. Fictitious accounts
According to the legal documents, only one account per household is possible, accounts created for characters and unreal persons are forbidden. We point here to the great harm of behavior inconsistent with the above-mentioned a principle that causes not only image damage to FutureAdPro, but also misleads and harms other users of the platform (the person introducing Upline). We would like to point out here that in accordance with the applicable KYC and AML rules, accounts established and used as a result of the above manipulation and abuse can not be verified and must be removed.

7. KYC verification time
Please be advised that currently due to the increased interest in verification and the large number of people applying in the short term - the waiting time for verification of KYC is extended.

Finally, we want to assure you all that we are constantly striving to improve our platform and services we provide, naturally we care about the satisfaction and success of our users. As we mentioned, the online marketing market is over USD 1.3 billion per day - we are constantly improving our solutions so that FutureAdPro can take the right place in this market and let our users do the same.

We wish you lots of success and good luck in the FutureAdPro business.



Your FutureAdPro Team

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